24 september 2020

Network Nordic Urban history

The urban history of the North needs transnational and transdisciplinary approaches. In order to strengthen research on the Nordic countries' urban history, we need a network of all urban historians, that is scholars with an interest in urban history.

The network is meant to function as an informal organization, a way to connect, to organize conferences, maybe joint research projects. The network came about as part of a conference: Urbanity in the Periphery, in Stockholm, August 2019. We agreed upon further meetings, regular conferences.

A first meeting is planned to take place in September 2020 as part of the European Association for Urban History in Antwerps. More information will follow. If you want to join this network, please send an email to heiko.droste@historia.su.se, and add some very short information on your affiliation and research interests.

This page will be updated.



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